Leadership and commitment

CaixaBank is the leading financial entity in Spain. Ever since its founding over a century ago, it has been characterised by its social commitment and a strong involvement in the everyday life of the societies in which it operates.

Caixa Bank follows a universal banking model with the vocation of a personalised, high-quality and innovative service tailored to the needs of its nearly 14 million customers -one out of every four Spanish citizens.


Regarded as the most innovative bank in the world, it develops strong commercial activity throughout its extended network of branches and ATMs –an area in which it is market leader in Spain. This is complemented by a cutting-edge multi-channel management system.


It is the leading entity in online banking, mobile banking and payment methods. Due to its social orientation, its media impact and its cross-directional influence, supporting sport from grassroots level to top competition, “la Caixa” has signed an agreement to be an Official Sponsor of Valencia CF.