Real Madrid vs Valencia CF

Aug, 27 / 22:15 Matchday 2



The sweetest emotion

Trolli is the producer of Goletes, a new confectionary product using the VCF image.
Valencia Club de Fútbol (VCF) and Trolli Ibérica company signed a collaboration agreement for the next two seasons whereby Trolli becomes one of the Club's official sponsors.

The agreement focuses on two of the VCF business areas that are gaining supporters, such as CUMPLES MESTALLA (Mestalla birthdays) and FOREVERTOUR.

Apart from having their picture posted on the Mestalla walls along the Tour, children who celebrate their birthday at Mestalla receive as a present the gummy jellies produced by the German multinational, which has been operating in Valencia for over 20 years.

"We have been collaborating with VCF for one year regarding the birthdays and the Mestalla tour initiatives, and we have come to the conclusion that both of us target the same audience, the children. That is why we put together both brands", says Nicolás Mederer, general director of Trolli Ibérica.

In addition, Trolli is a VCF licensee and creates a sweet product aimed at fans: the gummy jellies named Goletes. Since March 2014, Goletes can be purchased at the official VCF shops, as well as at the Mestalla stadium's bar counters, in grocery shops, kiosks etc. It is the first time that the company has created a licence for a gummy jelly. "We thought it was a great idea and we are delighted with the outcome of the product. We are the only company in Valencia that produces gummy jellies and we believe we can create a strong synergy with the VCF-linked audience", says Mederer.