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Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
November, 28 2014

Valencia CF bring the past to the future on an historic day

Club unveil plaque in the point where it was founded in 1919 and inaugurate best store in their history

Amadeo Salvo, president of VCF: "I'd like to thank the first club president, Augusto Milego, and all who joined him to create that unique feeling that is Valencia CF"

Two historic acts that will mark a “before and after” at Valencia CF were held this past Friday. Looking at the past but also projecting the future, the events recognised the club’s history and put it to the forefront. Attended by VCF president, Amadeo Salvo, representatives of the Board,the coaching staff the Foundation -with Aurelio Martinez at the helm, the first act was theplacement of a commemorative plaque at the exact place where the famous 'Bar Torino' was located. The bar was the foundation point for the club, and thus is an important site for VCF. Following on from that nod to history, the big day continued at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento with the opening of theclubs state-of-the-art Megastore. There, the customer -thanks to the latest technology - can completely customise their experience to take full advantage of the many benefits and activitiesoffered. It is set to be point of reference not only for Valencianistas, but for the entire sectorbecause of its style, innovation and performance.

The day kicked off with the now famous 'KM. 0, Origin of Valencianismo', where 'Bar Torino' was previously located and where the Club was born. Master of ceremonies, Manuel Mas, explained to those present the extraordinary work of the Valencian historian Rafael Solaz Albert and the heritage society to find the exact spot of the mythical 'Bar Torino' in 1919. Rafael Solaz himself took the floor to explain the location and subsequent urban changes to the area over time. He then handedtothe museum the only picture of 'Bar Torino', which was accepted with a round of applause.

President of the VCF Foundation, Aurelio Martinez, gave thanks to the recreation of the'PenyaTorino' and the rectification of historians to put the 'KM 0' in its true spot: "We want and hope thatthis story is collected in the museum and in a documentation centre. The mission of the Valencianistas must be to recover our heritage. From here, from the past, you see the future –the Megastore."

Amadeo Salvo thanked the Valencianistas for their love of the club and attendance at the event. "I hope it brings back memories when you pass by here,” he said. “It will remind you of somethingyou love, of your club. We return to the city centre with two acts; from our past we understand the future. The Megastore is the most advanced in Europe. I also want to thank the first club president,Augusto Milego, and all who joined him to create that unique feeling that is Valencia CF."
Salvo and players Dani Parejo and Paco Alcácer unveiled a beautiful commemorative plaque on the now defunct San Francisco Bajada in the Plaza’s San Vicente street corner.

Immediately afterwards they moved on to the Megastore, also located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia. A fireworks display marked the store opening, as Salvo, Parejo and DiegoAlves cut the ribbon.

Then came one of the most anticipated moments of the day, with the unveiling of the spectacular Megastore façade that drew applause from all in attendance. They then toured the impressive 1150m2 facilities, divided into 3 levels with the aim of not only providing selling spacebut also an unforgettable experience with the team. The Megastore strengthens the alliance between Valencia CF and adidas with a space that will become a magnificent showcase of clothing and footwearproduced by the German multinational brand.

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