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Mar, 24 / 18:00 Matchday

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
December, 22 2014

Mestalla shines again

Valencia CF and MolcaWorld turn Mestalla into a unique stadium

The inspiration, creation and graphic identity for the interior and exterior was conceived and produced by the club, through the branding and design departments

Mestalla is a unique place. A magical place. Amidst the walls you can still hear the echo of supportive chants, memories and excitement from unforgettable moments for every fan who has set foot in the stadium –the oldest in La Liga. You can also feel the intensity of so many afternoons and nights of football. The inclusion of the majestic bat on the exterior of Mestalla last week was the finishing touch to a renovation process for the stadium. The aim of the strategic project was todignify a stadium treasured by Valencians and Valencianistas, as well as to offer the city an emblematic site for visitors who arrive there and wish to have a memory of Valencia CF.

This strategic project for the club was part of a competitive process on an international level. A Valencian business, run by Valencianistas, MolcaWorld™ was the winner of competition to carry out all of the technical and logistical development, providing the renovation with the best service and execution. It was with great pride in our city that we decided to hand the project over to MolcaWorld™, reaffirming the support that the club have always offered to businesses in our region.

The inspiration, creation and graphic identity for the interior and exterior was conceived and produced by the club, through the branding and design departments.On an internal level, there was a big focus on our corporate colours, respect for distinctive brand values and the close connection between the club’s values and the passion of the fans. On an external level, the focus continued to be on the corporate colours, as well as connecting the stadium with our players, teams and fans, offering a timeless message of gratitude to all who give back to our club and telling our story with respect for values and the brand. We adopted a distinctive aesthetic, mixing tradition with innovation and projecting values of success and passion which will always be part of our club.

The entire rebranding project for the interior and exterior of Mestalla was made even more special with a distinctive finishing touch. In the interior we had already created the largest bat of any stadium or sporting arena in the world. For the exterior, via innovative technology proposed by MolcaWorld™, we created a new bat. Weighing 9000kg and measuring 23x15 metresthis bat shines thanks to 70,800 sequins. It is an unbeatable symbol to preside over the stadium and an example of pioneering technology in Spain and Europe.

Luis Vicente, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer at Valencia CF, commented that: “This was one of the most exciting projects in the history of our club. We wanted to display the respect and dignity that our home deserves, as one of the most historic and significant stadiums in the world. In a very difficult period for the club, we focused our energy and resources on the development and execution of this project in a very innovative way, respecting our history and values. I would like to thank the unconditional support, dedication and effort made by MolcaWorld™, who worked for days, nights and months on the project with our team, to reach one of the most ambitious objectives that we have ever created. Thank you as well to all the Valencians and Valencianistas who have supported the renovation project at Mestalla.”

Fran Carrasco, CEO of MolcaWorld™, explained: “In this macro-project, we have had the honour of sharing a challenge which marks a ‘before and after’ in the history of both Valencia CF and our company. We have collaborated with the club for many years and, for the first time, have taken a further step up and managed to offer them pioneering technology, innovative technical solutions and impeccable project management.

Carrasco went on to say that "the revitalisation of the interior and exterior of the stadium was a huge project, boosted by the vision and know-how of Luis Vicente –from whom we have learnt a lot. Through him and his team, we have recognised the merit of converting a unique stadium in national and international sport.” Mestalla shines bright, and so does the largest bat in the world. Shining brightest of all is the excitement of the Valencianistas as they see their stadium rejuvenated. It was a challenge overcome by motivation, passion and hard work, of which we feel infinitely proud.”

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