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January, 12 2015

Nuno: “It is an honour and a pleasure to be here”

Manager gives first press conference after extending contract through to 2018

“It was something that made sense for everyone. We’ve been talking about a project that lasts for many years"

Valencia CF and first team manager Nuno Espírito Santo have reached an agreement for an extension to his current contract, taking his tenure at the club to 30 June 2018.

The team have responded very well to Nuno's coaching methods since he joined in the summer of 2014, having beaten both Liga BBVA champions Atletico Madrid and current leaders Real Madrid already this season.

Valencia currently sit in 4th place in the league, and are in the last 16 of the Copa del Rey.

Just minutes after the extension of his contract was made official, Valencia CF manager Nuno Espírito Santo spoke to the media in a press conference. The Portuguese expressed his delight with the agreement reached with the club, which he said was an easy decision to make.

“I never had any doubts about where I wanted to be and where my staff wanted to be. We are very proud to be here and are very motivated here,” he explained on Monday afternoon. "I feel content and happy. I am grateful and honoured to be manager of Valencia CF, and for me it is an obligation to continue improving this team.”

“It was something that made sense for everyone. We’ve been talking about a project that lasts for many years, about the growth of the team and a new squad. Taking all that into account, it was in our interests to make this a long-term contract.”

Nuno revealed that it was Executive President, Amadeo Salvo, who first put the wheels in motion for the contract extension through to 2018.

“The president was the first to express his intention, the owner agreed with him and I was in agreement as well. We put the matter to one side temporarily and later we finalised the extension,” elaborated Nuno, saying talks went very smoothly throughout.

“It was a very easy decision for me to make, and the conversations over the deal went normally and without problems. It is an honour and a pleasure to be here, and I am eternally grateful to Valencia CF.”

My obligation is to prepare the team, help every player to reach their maximum potential, make the team grow and continue with the project. We have to be in the Champions League next season and then we will set new objectives, then new ones in turn over the following years. We will never relax and my projects are taken on game-by-game basis.”

Asked if he would be assuming an increased role in the signing of players and other managerial decisions, Nuno emphasised the synergy between all levels at the club.

“There is no decision here that is made by just one person. We all have the capability to talk, discuss and debate as a group. Things will always be like that and we all need to offer our opinions so that the best decision is taken.”

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