Real Betis vs Valencia CF

Apr, 21 / 20:45 Matchday 33


Ignacio Eizaguirre

  • Nombre completo Ignacio Eizaguirre Arregui
  • Fecha de nacimiento 07/11/1920
  • Lugar de nacimiento San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa)
  • Nacionalidad Spanish
  • Altura/Peso
  • Debut 08/12/1941
Ignacio Eizaguirre Arregui (San Sebastián, 1920) lived in first person a golden era in Valencia CF history. He stood out for his remarkable physical condition and height, as well as for his good reflexes. He was also an efficient and highly-skilled player

In the '40s and '50s the Club won three league titles (41-42, 43-44 and 46-47 seasons) and one Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey), a very prolific period on the trophy side.  Eizaguirre made 250 appeareances in his eight years at Valencia CF.

Negotiations to buy him in were long and difficult but the keeper finally joined from Valencia CF from La Real Sociedad. His beginnings were not as expected and he was benched in favour of Pio. But far from getting disappointed, he waited for his chance to return to the team's starting lineup. Eizaguirre was capped 18 times for Spain. He came back in a match in San Mamés which was won by Valencia CF and in which Eizaguirre was the outstanding figure. Iñaki was a goalkeeper of athletic power and stature; he showed strong nerves but also good reflexes and combined efficiency with spectacular moments. Moreover, in times when goalkeepers had a bad status, the Valencian player stood out as a positive exception. His role within the team was so remarkable that the national press tried to explain his supremacy in the Valencian team with the headline: “Eizaguirre and ten more players”. He reached his greatest goal with Valencia CF during the years 1942 to 50 – winning la Liga three times, becoming Subcampeonatos twice and winning the Copa once even though he had made it into four finals.

He was also an essential player for the national team, a number one in the 1940ies. Eizaguirre played 18 international matches - six games against Portugal, four against Ireland, two having Switzerland as their opponent and also against Belgium, Sweden, Germany, the United States, France and Italy.

TEAMS: Arenas de la Concha, Cuento Rentería, Laguín Artea, Real  Sociedad, CA Osasuna

TITLES: 3 Ligas, 1 Copa