VCF - Cel


Valencia CF vs Celtic

Feb, 21 / 18:55 Matchday 8


Quincoces II

  • Nombre completo Juan Carlos Díaz Quincoces
  • Fecha de nacimiento 26/01/1933
  • Lugar de nacimiento Vitoria
  • Nacionalidad Spanish
  • Altura/Peso
  • Debut 25/04/1954

Carlos Díaz Quincoces , who combined center-back and winger positions, was a tall and efficient fullback who joined the team in 1954 and lived the international success of the '60s.

Quincoces joined the club as a schoolboy and made his debut for Valencia CF senior team in the 1953-54 season. He had just won the Spanish Cup with the youth team aged only 20.

Quincoces developed a brilliant career during the eleven seasons he played for Valencia CF, making a total of 120 appearances in both league and Spanish Cup games. He also became the team's captain and he hardly missed an official game until the 1958-59 season.

TEAMS: San José, Vitoria, Catarroja, Mestalla, València, Murcia, Alavés

TITLES: 2 Copes de Ferias, 1 Copa