Valencia CF vs Villarreal

Apr, 18 / 21:00 Matchday 12


Roberto Gil

  • Nombre completo Roberto Gil Estévez
  • Fecha de nacimiento 30/07/1938
  • Lugar de nacimiento Paterna
  • Nacionalidad Spanish
  • Altura/Peso
  • Debut 11/06/59

Roberto Gil Estéve is one of the best examples of what in football slang is called ‘a man of the club’, a footballer who develops a big part of his sports career at the same institution where he lives his biggest successes

A Valencia born player and a Valencia CF lifelong supporter, Gil spent 11 seasons at the club, won 2 UEFA Cups and one Spanish Cup. His career was always closely bound to Valencia CF, the club that saw him hang his boots.

Gil, Valencian and Valencianista through and through, played 11 seasons for Valencia CF, the last one was in 1970/71,  when he was paid a well-deserved tribute, winning 2 UEFA Cups (which were back than known as “Copas de Ferias”) and one Copa.

His carrier was always linked with the colours black and white, blanquinegros, and it was the logical consequence that he ended his active career as a player in Valencia.

Roberto Gil started off playing at Ribarroja, a local club from Valencia, before moving to the Valencia CF youth team VCF Mestalla and then made the jump to first team football in the 1959-60 season. He was a strong defensive midfielder, agile with the ball and very polyvalent. He even played as a central defender due to his technical ability to clear shots and his intelligence on the pitch earned him a permanent spot in the starting lineups, being able to play various positions. Gil had the honor to lift the 1967 Cup. After his retirement he worked for the Club’s technical secretariat, where he proved his fantastic football knowledge after a prolific football career.

TEAMS: Ribarroja, Valencia CF juvenil, Sagunto, Mestalla, Valencia CF.

Titles: 2 Cups of Ferias, 1 King Cup.