Epi Fernández

  • Nombre completo Epifanio Fernández Berridi
  • Fecha de nacimiento 23/04/1919
  • Lugar de nacimiento San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa
  • Nacionalidad Spanish
  • Altura/Peso
  • Debut 15/09/1940

Epifanio Fernández 'Epi' formed, together with Mundo, the so-called ‘electric forward line’. He showed excepcional skills since his arrival at Valencia CF in the 1940-41 season, where he amazed with his great performances for over one decade

Widely regarded as one of the best all-time wingers, hardly one year after his arrival the team won the ‘Copa del Generalísimo’ (current Spanish Cup).  The San Sebastian born right winger was courted by Atletico Madrid, Español and Real Madrid, but it was Valencia CF who signed him eventually. Epi won 15 international caps for Spain all through his career.

TEAMS: Basconia, Reial Societat, Valencia, Reial Societat

Career honours: 3 League trophies, 2 Cups