Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Noviembre, 24 2015

Press conference of Nuno after the match against Zenit


"Rafa Mir has quality and can contribute a lot to the team, he is another option for us. We have played a match in which we had chances but we have been penalized for our mistakes. The players have worked hard and that is what counts. It is the responsibility of the team - it always is, if we lose or win. I am not satisfied with the result. I say what I think, what I have seen, what I believe and what we all believe. We are not achieving the regularity needed to play a good game, we had problems. We have to react, we know how and what we will do in the next game. We'll have a final in Mestalla against OL. If we make it to the round of 16  with a final at Mestalla we will not fail. I believe in this squad and these players, how they work and get involved."