Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Diciembre, 01 2015

"We must move forward –the players are very committed"

Tomorrow at 21.00 h (CEST) Copa del Rey debut

Valencia CF interim coach, Salvador Gonzalez 'Voro' gave a press conference on Tuesday afternoon at the Ciudad Deportiva, following the final training session before their trip to the Basque Country. VCF play Barakaldo in the Copa del Rey tomorrow, in the first leg of their Round of 32 fixture.

"When the results are not there and there is a change of coach, there is a strange atmosphere, but this is nothing new and the players know what this is. We must move forward; the players are very committed. Talking straight with them is the best way to pick them up again, and I have seen a very good attitude amongst the squad. I am convinced that the players will give everything they have tomorrow.
The chairwoman informed me that they had decided that I would head the coaching staff. I am not thinking about how long it will be for, and the day after they pick a full time coach I will return to my normal job. I am clear that this has happened due to bad results and is something short term.
It was important to talk with the players, because I think it's the fastest way for players to see that they are the ones out there playing. If you are straight with players, then they will have more tools with which to resolve their concerns.
We have two goalkeepers, and we know that whichever one plays will do so well. I'd like to have to make the same choice for every position.
I have not seen an orchestrated campaign against the old manager. At Mestalla the fans are demanding –they want to see the team win. We have not given them that and there is disappointment. I'm not going to assess what happened up until yesterday. The results determine a lot, and when they do not come you get a situation like this. But when you give something to the fans, they are behind the team. Tomorrow we have a very difficult match. If we compete well we will have more chance of getting a good result.”