Real Betis vs Valencia CF

Apr, 21 / 20:45 Matchday 33

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.

El nostre COR és BLANQUINEGRE (Our heart is black and white)



Without the fans, Valencia CF are not as great a club. Without the city in which the club was created in 1919, the club would be nameless and lacking in identity. Valencia CF are indebted to all those who have contributed and who continue to contribute- with their enthusiasm, hard work and Valencianismo, to our history.

With this in mind, the VCF Foundation want to promote efforts to help citizens in need, to be attentive to social needs and help alleviate problems... and to be a team.

A team with space for social groups, of course. The VCF Foundation want to listen to you, not only hear you; they want to see you, not just look at you; And they want to be close to you, as they are already doing with:

- Kids and young people at risk of social exclusion: Cor Blanquinegre Escoles.

- People with learning disabilities: Cor Blanquinegre DI.

- Hospitalised children: Cor Blanquinegre Xiquets.

- Blood Donation: Cor Blanquinegre Junts.

- Overcoming hurdles and values: Cor Blanquinegre Amunt.

- Commitment to the elderly: Cor Blanquinegre Majors.

We want to experience this social work with you, because together we can contribute to improving Valencian society. We need everyone's support: El Nostre Cor es Blanquinegre (Our heart is white and black).  fundacion@fundacionvalenciacf.org