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February, 26 2016

Mestalla forever tour reaches 100.000 visitors

Valencia CF stadium tour has become one of the top attractions

The Mestalla Forever Tour -a celebrated trip around Valencia CF's stadium- has established itself as a top venue for urban leisure and tourism since its reopening in September 2013, following intensive renovation work to all areas of the ground. The visit to one of the most historic stadiums in European football has become a success beyond all expectations, and has already welcomed 100,000 visitors through the gates in just two years. As a result, the Mestalla Forever Tour now ranks among the Top 10 most visited museums in the city of Valencia.

It is of particular note that the origin of visitors over the last year has been 36% from the Valencia region, 11% tourists from within Spain and 53% from abroad. There has been a significant increase in local visitors, from 11% before the reopening of the Tour to 36%. Of those visiting from outside the country, the majority hail from the European Union, especially visitors from Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The stadium also attracts high attendance from tourists from France, the USA, Russia and Latin America.

Amongst the changes that have brought the Mestalla Forever Tour such success is the initiative to attract a large number of schools for an educational experience, which has brought more than 10,000 students from all over Spain to one of the most famous European football grounds.

What differentiates a trip around Mestalla from other big tours is the personal attention paid to visitors by our guides, who have an encyclopedic knowledge of the stadium and its links to the history of VCF.