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July, 18 2016

Valencia CF eSports team enjoy success at DreamHack 2016

The VCF eSports team won the Herthstone Grand Prix and took second place in League of Legends standings

Valencia CF eSports were in action at the Dreamhack Valencia 2016 competition this past weekend, participating in one of the biggest events on the European circuit.

Gamers Evangelion and TheFallen took part in the Hearthstone competition, a Grand Prix that also featured big stars of the European scene StanCifka, Crane333, Rdu and AKWonder.

Evangelion beat Kbushi 3-0 in the quarterfinals, StanCifka 3-0 in the semifinals and Crane333 3-1 in the final, playing outstandingly on the Paladin Control deck based on N'zoth.

The Valencia CF player said of his experience: "It's been two very intense days. TheFallen, Nara, Josemi and I had prepared very well for this tournament. We had been playing at home and wanted to stand out in this one. It has been a tournament with a fun format and I think the audience really enjoyed the game."

Meanwhile, the newly created League of Legends team won second place in their competition losing in the final against French team Melty.

Victor Santamaria, head coach of the League of Legends team, said: "It's a great result for a team, who have been training together for just over ten days. I think we've had a great tournament, and with a little more teamwork we will achieve great things. We will work hard on our strategies over the coming months to reach our full potential at the end of the year."

Sergio Benet, of the eSports division at Valencia CF, analysed the results: "We are satisfied with the result, but this is just the beginning. We have a strong sporting structure that will lead to us achieving results in the medium and long term."

Valencia eSports currently have teams competing in Hearthstone, League of Legends and Rocket League.