2ª B G. III - Jornada 8 - 09/10/2016 12:00h

Atlético Baleares 1
0 Valencia Mestalla
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Mestalla slip-up away to Atlético Baleares

Octubre, 09 2016 -

Valencia Mestalla lost their first game of the season as they went down 1-0 away to Atlético Baleares on Sunday.

The game slipped away from the blanquinegros who dominated the first half hour of the match and had clear chances to score before Malik got the only goal before half time.

Mestalla were seeking to consolidate their position at the top of Segunda B group 111 and with less than a minute gone, Aridai had the first chance but one-on-one with keeper Aulestia, he slotted just wide.

Aridai then had a couple of shots from the edge of the area and Rafa Mir also had a shot turned away for a corner with just the keeper to beat.

There was a further chance for Charlie from a close range and it began to look as though it wasn’t to be the Valencian’s day.

Baleares also began to take heart and go on the offensive with Sivera saving well from Jurado before Malik knocked the ball home from inside the area following a free-kick.

The home side defended in large numbers after the break and while Mestalla pushed forward they struggled to create chances. Mestalla’s cause was further complicated by the dismissal of Aridai for a second yellow card after 75 minutes.

Next up for Mestalla are Mallorca B next Saturday from 12pm.

Goals: 1-0, Malik, 44 mins

At. Baleares: Aulestia, David Prieto, Malik (Avi, m. 88), David Sánchez (Enzo, m. 68), Biel Guasp, Esteban ©, Cristeto (Marcel, m. 78), Kike, Tete, Fullana, Jurado

VCF Mestalla: Sivera, Nacho Vidal,  Lato, Charlie, Ayala © (Javi Jiménez, m. 44), Grego (Jordi Sánchez m.75, Quim,  Carlos Soler Rafa Mir (Alberto Gil m. 64), Nacho Gil, Aridai

Referee: Albert Avalos Martos. Yellow cards (VCF Mestalla) Grego,  Rafa Mir, Nacho Gil and two for Aridai, (Atlético Baleares) David Prieto, David Sánchez and Fullana.