Primera División Femenina - Jornada 16 - 15/01/2017 12:00h

Zaragoza CFF 0
4 Valencia
Info del partido

Convincing win by Valencia CF Femenino

Enero, 15 2017 -

Valencia CF Femenino began the second half of the season with a strong performance away to Zaragoza CFF where they came out on top 4-0.

They were on top from the start with Maria Peiró putting them ahead in the fourth minute and then Mari Paz added to the lead midway through the first half while after the break further goals came from Zornoza and Carol. The result sees Cristian Toro’s side remain fourth with 33 points.

Peiró surprised the home defence by appearing at the second post to knock the ball home from a cross by Carol on the ledt wing.

The blanquinegras looked to play a direct style to that cut open the Zaragoza side and the forwards enjoyed space in which to cause damage. Zornoza ran through the Zaragoza defence herself and slotted the ball home for her 12 goal of the season.

Zaragoza’s main threat was through Mallada but as well as being incisive in attack Valencia were also composed at the back.

After the break Valencia looked to finish off the contest as soon as possible and they got another goal with Peiró going past Larqué and from the dead-ball line pulled the ball back for Zornoza to score.

Further chances fell for Valencia which they didn’t take before Carol clinically beat the goalkeeper for a convincing victory.

Match details

Zaragoza CFF 0: Larqué, Monforte, Cebolla, Gómez (Royo, min. 66), Cardona, Mallada, Aznar (Morales, min. 77), Rey (García, min. 61), Fuertes (Reyes, min. 46) , Clara y Mata

Banquillo: Pons, Royo, Reyes, Villamayor, García y Morales

Entrenador: Alberto Berna

Valencia CF Femenino 4: Sullastres, Nicart, Ivana, Joyce, Mari Paz (Szymanowski, min. 58), Carol, Débora G. (Cintia, min.75), N. Gaitán, Zornoza (Florentino, min. 70), Maya (Medina, min.46) y M. Peiró.

Banquillo: Endler, Salo, Aedo, Szymanowski, Cintia, Florentino y Medina.

Entrenador: Cristian Toro

Goles: 0-1 min. 4, M. Peiró; 0-2 min. 26, Mari Paz; 0-3 min. 49, Zornoza; 0-4 min. 77 Carol.