Real Betis vs Valencia CF

Apr, 21 / 20:45 Matchday 33

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
September, 05 2016

Muhammad from Malaysia

Fans' Corner

My name is Muhammad khairulsyamim and this is my story

Growing up in a country where majority of the people are fans of the English Premier League, I felt nothing towards any of the clubs. Then, I saw on the headline of a newspaper, a picture of a player from a team unkown to me. A team with a bat on a crest. That player was Santiago Cañizares and from then on I started to ask my older brother about this team from Spain.

The first match that I saw of this team was the match against Leeds United. I started following everything I could about this team, for a Malaysian this means watching a few match in a year. Then, during the 2003/04 season, I saw a player that made me a fan. Vicente Rodriguez Guillen.

After the glory days of Benitez, I truly became a fan of Valencia. After that, the club had its own regression years, crippled with debt, we were forced to sell our best players season after season but we always pulled through. We had the two Davids, and then came Mata.

In the years I have been a fan, I always felt like that I was the only one supporting this club as most of Malaysian was BPL fans. During that time, I got my slice of Los Che from Loco 4 Los Che manage by Kyle Coppes. There, I was introduced to the Valencianistas from different parts of the world.

Then, on October 2010, I was approached to be the admin of Fan Club Valencia – Malaysia Facebook page by Miss Siti Hayun. A few years later, I was approached by Mr Kamal the admin of MyValencia. This is an amazing group of people that are among the few fans in Malaysia. I was becoming a part of a new family, bonded by our love for the club.The most memorable time for me was during the Emery era, we were forced to sell our best players but we still managed to be the third best club is Spain for consecutive years.

During that time also  we had the most exciting talent in the two Franciscos from the academy. But again, as our finances were bad, we had to say goodbye to Isco. But we still did not go down, they emerged Canales, Viera and Bernat and they allowed us to hope again.

Now Andre Gomes and Paco have left us, but I will not stop believing, we have sold some of the biggest talent of the football world but we can still fight toe to toe with the biggest clubs. The arrival of Lim two years ago gave me hope again. I believe that this season, we will rise up to where we belong, the best of the best. Even with no Paco or Andre or Mustafi. We still have Rafa Mirr, Soler and Gaya. We will rise back up because we are Valencia. This club is not the pride of birth where I was born, not the club that my family had supported, I became a fan because I love the club. Through high and low, I will still support Valencia. My name is Muhammad Khairulsyamim and I am Los Che.