Valencia CF Legends vs Spanish Selection Legends

Mar, 24 / 18:00 Matchday

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
October, 07 2016

VCF eSports warm-up for the Barcelona Challenger Series

VCF eSports fans turned up in large numbers to compete in a training session of the League of Legends game with members of the team, at Petxina sports centre, on Thursday afternoon. It is ahead of qualifying in Barcelona for the Challenger Series of the popular game.

If the VCF eSports team win then they would play the precursor to the highlest level of the game, the Challenger Series, a spectacular event followed by thousands of eager fans. To warm them up for the challenge they have had a bootcamp where they have concentrated on ideas and strategy.

As part of the intensive training programme, and ahead of the trip to Barcelona, they opened the doors to the fans and on top of this two of them had the chance to play the game alongside their eSports idols. Now it is down to the players to the players to produce the goods and we all wish them the best of luck. Amunt.