Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Noviembre, 14 2016

Valencia CF eSports seek players for VFO

If you are a strong FIFA 17 player then Valencia CF is looking for you. Until the end of December the club will carry out trials for all those that want to be part of one of the two teams of 14 virtual players that represent the club in the Spanish Virtual Football Organisation 'VFO' that was launched last October at the Barcelona Games World.

The club will compete on two main platforms, Playstation and Xbox, and captains Havel and Rubén will be given the task of choosing new players.

Anyone interested in taking part and helping bring success for Valencia CF from January onwards should get in touch via the following emails and the captains will reply informing you of the trial process that will run until the end of the year.

Before you apply, first decide on which platform you would prefer to take the trial.

There is more information on our website