Real Betis vs Valencia CF

Apr, 21 / 20:45 Matchday 33

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
November, 21 2016

Aziz from Indonesia

Fans' Corner

Aziz Nur Rohman tells his story of how he began following Valencia CF

As a football enthusiast, it is a must if you have one team that you adore so much. A lot of reasons come up if you are asked why you love a football clubs; club history, favorite player, perfect winning streak, and so on. In Indonesia, if you talk about La Liga, most people will say Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, or Sevilla as their favorite club. I go against that trend, I proudly say that Valencia CF is my favorite club.

Something you hardly meet in Indonesia, a person who adores a football team with the matches barely aired on local TV. But this is me, Aziz Nur Rohman, a fan of Valencia CF from Indonesia.

The early reason why I loved this club is very simple: playing football manager games. The game that I played when I was 13 years old led me here. Firstly I took Valencia as my team just because they had a strong lineup with good goalkeeper up to a great striker. The bonding with this club came when I tried to do the best to make this team win. I do care about everything. That bonding finally led me to have an intention to watch every single Valencia match that was being aired on local TV.

I’ve grown up. It’s been almost 10 years for me as a Valencia fan in Indonesia. Some people question my taste in football, how could I favor a club who have not been champion of a major competition lately.

But, something to realize, is that favoring a club is not something that turns overnight. The reason why I have loved football until now is through seeing David Villa’s goal in a match, Joaquin’s pace in every match, Baraja's and Albelda’s passion in the middle, rapid defensive by Ayala, our strong legend goalie Canizares, and of course other players with their own style.

Seeing those spectacular moments absolutely changed my mediocre feeling into a proud feeling: aproud feeling when yelling “Amunt Valencia!”, a proud feeling when I wear Valencia's apparel, a proud feeling when Valencia wins a match, and of course a proud feeling for favoring Valencia CF. A proud feeling which hasn’t been rewarded with a trophy. But, it shows to you, that I do support a team, not because of the number of trophies, or simply following the trends. I have a passion for this club. Supporting a team because of love, understanding the history, and passion of the fans.

Amunt Valencia!