Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Noviembre, 29 2016

VCF to play in third strip

Valencia CF will play this Tuesday with the "VCF Cup KIT". One of the official kits used in the Copa del Rey this season, along with the 2016/17 home kit. To play in a strip that has a common ground. The club and the Valencia region have always had a strong link with the colour orange, and this is reflected in the ‘VCF CUP KIT’ available at VCF Official Stores and online at

The manufacturers adidas have opted for a ‘Solar Orange’ shirt in fluorescent colouring, contrasting with black details which is shown on the shirt of this tournament. The black collar used for the Cup kit is a ‘V-Neck’, different to the home and away shirts. The traditional three adidas stripes are located on the shoulders and the detail of the bat with the club’s founding year of 1919 on the back of the neck remain. The Valencia CF badge is embroidered on the shirt in monochrome. Always at the forefront of quality, adidas have designed a kit produced with the latest climacool technology, using a fabric that optimises comfort and performance through its ventilation system and expulsion of sweat and heat.

The fluorescent orange of the shirt is carried over to the shorts, with the black details of the adidas logo and the monochrome badge also remaining the same. The socks for the kit are completely new, and continue the orange theme.

The three adidas VCF kits for the 2016/17 season are designed so that they can be mixed with each other, as the white, black and solar orange colours are fully combinable.

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