Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Diciembre, 16 2016

VCF alongside Red Cross Flag Day

Sol, Arias and Zaragosí attend contribution table at 12pm

Valencia CF and VCF Foundation were, one more time, alongside Red Cross Flag Day to support the cause of this Red Cross Day on this Friday, 16th  and 17th of December. As other times, the Club installed a contribution table at the usual location in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 18 (in front of Ateneo Mercantil) This year’s campaign is aimed at helping the families and childhood support under  the lemma “Numbers that help end the inequality".

This social event was attended by Advisory committee member Juan Cruz Sol, Ricardo Arias, José Luis Zaragosí, member of Valencia CF Foundation and  Spanish Red Cross vice-president, Gabriel Soriano order to contribute to this cause that has made Red Cross to help the families and childhood support.