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Feb, 21 / 18:55 Matchday 8

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
December, 16 2016

Valencia CF Footballers Association hold traditional Christmas lunch with chairwoman Layhoon Chan in attendance

Valencia CF chairwoman Layhoon Chan attended the Valencia CF Footballers Association’s traditional Christmas lunch on Friday, December 16th, which gathered 140 club veterans in a special end-of-year meal. The Association celebrated its 20th anniversary this week, and the lunch has become a regular event.

Also in attendance were representatives from L’ Agrupació de Penyes, the VCF Foundation and several different entities who collaborate with the group.

Speaking at the event, Layhoon Chan highlighted the work of the VCF Footballers Association and also commented:

“When I say that I am Peter Lim, it is not an arrogant statement,” she explained. “It means that I understand him, I know him, I know what he intends to do, what worries him and his love for the club. His commitment is the same. One important thing that I wanted to say was that for us it is not important whether Peter Lim is here or not; the important thing is the management team, the players, the associations like you. The important thing is that we are united, we are together and that when the end of the game comes, we win. It seems like everything is falling apart when the results don’t come, but that is not the case. Valencia CF are a club with over 90 years of history and the problem cannot be institutional. We are in a bad run of sporting results that we want to resolve,” she concluded.

Fernando Giner underlined that the Association is at the service of Valencianismo, that it will not bow down to any external pressure and that passion for the club comes before anything else. He also made clear that since he took charge of the group, under the VCF chairwoman, they have found the best agreement with Valencia CF.