Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Enero, 21 2017

Voro: "We went for the game from the opening minute"


"We went for the game from the opening minute. We wanted to neutralise everything that Villarreal do well, and we managed to do that. It was important to score when we had chances, and these three points from a big game are hugely important too. We go game by game, looking to reach our target.

It was vital for us to keep a clean sheet today; the win was the important thing and all the better if it came with a clean sheet.

We have good players. i think that we  have to look to be a compact team from the outset and have an idea as a team as to where to attack. We have an organised team, despite the circumstances we are in.

Soler had a good game but it would be unfair to single out any player. He had a knock later on and asked to be substituted.

When we saw the relegation zone closing in, the team have been able to fight and get out of the situation. We have to keep going forward, and I can see how the players push in training.

It's hard to neutralise Villarreal and at the start of the second half we had a lot of chances that broke down on the final ball. When we needed to defend, we defended well. We were able to read the game, but we lacked finishing to have turned chances into a bigger advantage."