Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Enero, 21 2017

"We got our reward today for the hard work"

Diego Alves

“Not all teams come away from here like us, it was a group effort, everyone gave their all on the pitch and during the week, and we got our reward today. The players, we are going to keep going, we have seen a team that has a lot of character and knows how to battle. Before we weren’t so bad and neither are we gods now. We will keep working now, go step by step and there is no reason to think beyond the next game. We are not happy with the situation and we are going to work to get out of it. We are the same players as before, when you win things get better, and with the character that we showed today we can get going and move up the table. Voro is a fantastic person, he is ensuring that the players perform. Football is about confidence, spirit and work. Keeping a clean sheet is a target but not an obsession, we knew that the game today was important. Soler is a player with a big future, we have to let him develop in his own way. In the time that I have been here I have seen a lot of players think that they are better than they are, you have to let him develop because he has a great future.”