Valencia CF Legends vs Spanish Selection Legends

Mar, 24 / 18:00 Matchday

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
January, 27 2017

The Valencia CF Foundation and its commitment to society

The Valencia CF Foundation has a commitment and responsibility to society, and for this reason the entity presided over by Ser Miang Ng work tirelessly to support Valencia, Valencians and Valencianistas.

Every season, every month and every day, the VCF Foundation aims to:

- Make young people at risk of social exclusion happier, through schemes such as the 'Escoles Cor Blanquinegre' football school projects.

- Recognise the efforts of those who overcome obstacles that are almost insurmountable for many. An example of this is the annual Asindown Calendar -one of the most popular social initiatives participated in by the entity.

- Highlight the value of those persons with intellectual disabilities, including the creation of the Valencia CF DI team.

- Bring a smile to the faces of those children and families going through difficult situations. The Valencia CF Foundation organise regular visits to hospitals in the Valencia region.

- Help save lives. The blood donation schemes at Mestalla and beyond are always a success.

- Bring attention to those whose bravery should not remain anonymous: Pablo Marina, Pablo Cantero and Elvira Roda are just three examples of many.

- Keep alive the history, heritage and memory of the club in the minds of the fans, through exhibitions and giving exposure to protagonists from the past. This is helped by the Heritage Department, VCF Museum and Algirós Forum.

- Improve the training and working perspectives of students. The VCF Foundation supports a Training Centre initiative.

- Demonstrate that everyone has a place in football, through the DI Campus, VCF Femenino women's team, and the Campus Femenino training camp.

- Show the fantastic sentiment that comes with being a Valencianista, in the biggest Valencia CF themed party in the region: The Family Weekend.

There is more to be done, and the desire to continue expanding, growing and contributing. Valencia, Valencians and Valencianistas deserve our social, historic, educational and sporting commitment.