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February, 01 2017

Escoles Cor Blanquinegre educational initiative implemented in Sagunto

The Escoles Cor Blanquinegre educational initiative, established by the VCF Foundation, had its latest development presented in Sagunto this Wednesday. The latest 'Escola' school, made up of 23 students from CEIP Baladre and CEIP La Peinaeta with the inestimable collaboration of Obeikan MDF and Saggas, was officially inaugurated.
The Escoles Cor Blanquinegre project, headed by the VCF Foundation with the support of the Valencia CF Footballers Association, is a corporate social responsibility initiative directed at the teaching staff of certain schools and youth centres located in neighbourhoods of Valencia and the surrounding area -all with a tough social situation. There is weekly training with a strong educational profile,  aimed at improving school performance in at-risk populations, which implies a reduction in school absenteeism rates and an improvement in behavior and academic results.

The event in Sagunto, held at the Municipal Pitch at Baladre, featured the participation of students that form part of the Escola and the directors of both educational centers, as well as the director general of the VCF Foundation, Pablo Mantilla; general director of Obeikan MDF, Salvador Martínez; director general of Saggas, Santiago Álvarez; the mayor of Sagunto , Josep Francesc Fernández, and the Councillor for Sports, Miguel Chover; Arturo Boix attended in representation of the Board of Directors of the VCF Footballers Association.