Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Febrero, 11 2017

“The penalty was clear. It was important to pick up a point away from home "


"It was important to pick up a point away from home. The Benito Villamarín is difficult ground to play at and Betis are a team who know how to position themselves well. We knew we were coming into the game off a tough defeat and we wanted to get the points; we fought for them and we added on to our tally. It was a clear penalty: The shot was from my left foot and the ball hits his hand. Let's see if one day our luck changes and we have one called. It was very clear that it hits him in the hand, the referee is sure to have seen it. It is difficult for them and for us as the away side there are always more calls against us. The team worked well. We knew it was a very difficult game and we gave it 100%. We go away with a point, and anything we pick up is important. We are happy about not conceding a goal, and now we have to think about winning next week".