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Feb, 21 / 18:55 Matchday 8

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February, 16 2017

Fórum Algirós pays homage to legends of first LaLiga title

The Valencia CF side that won the club’s first LaLiga title were celebrated in an event held on Thursday night, in the latest edition of the Fórum Algirós.

Under the title of ‘L´equip elèctric. 75 anys de la primera Lliga’, the event commemorated the 1941/42 league champions who established a style of play and marked an era at VCF, headed by the ‘Delantera Eléctrica’ forward line of Epi, Amadeo, Mundo, Asensi and Gorostiza.

Rosa Suárez, daughter of Mundo, Rafael Bau, grandson of the then-director of the same name, and journalists José Ricardo March and Alfonso Gil led the Fórum –an iniciative of the VCF Foundation. Also in attendance were two other daughters of Mundo, Begoña and Pepa Suárez; grandson Edmundo; Ángeles, Asunción and Amadeo Ibáñez, sons of Amadeo; grandson Santiago; Gabriel Bau, nephew of goalkeeper of the era Pío Bau; and Lide, granddaughter of captain Juan Ramón.

In their official capacity, the fifth Fórum Algirós also brought together: José Luis Zaragosí, Salvador Belda and Salvador Martínez, patrons of the VCF Foundation; Juan Cruz Sol, director and ambassador of the club, and ambassador Ricardo Arias; former player Roberto Gil; Adorno, Arturo Boix and Valdez on behalf of the VCF Footballers Association; José Benet, season ticket holder number 1 at the club; Merchina Peris, Pepe Vaello and Fernando Rius; and representatives of the Agrupació de Penyes Valencianistes and Small Shareholders Association.

At the end of the event, Salvador Martínez announced that a request would be made for the 47-day presidency of Rafael Bau García in 1936 to be officially acknowledged by the club.

The Fórum Algirós is an initiative to bring the club’s history closer to Valencianistas, primarily through protagonists and their descendents. Previous editions have been: “Conexión Vintage: Kempes”, in February of 2016; “Bronco y copero. 75 años de la primera Copa”, in May of 2016; “Blanquinegre. A 90 minuts de la glòria”, in October of 2016; and “Claramunt. 50 anys del debut d´un mite”, in November of 2016.