Valencia CF vs Eibar

Abr, 29 / 18:30 Jornada 35

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Febrero, 22 2017

Voro: "Congratulations to the players and to the fans"


"The intention was to have the ball, but it is very difficult to steal the ball from Real Madrid. We had a very good first half, although the second was totally different. We earned three points and whilst they are worth the same as any others, it's true that this is a special match. The fans enjoyed it and the players put in a great effort. These three points show the way and give us confidence, but the reality is that on Saturday we have another game -and Tuesday as well. We are very happy to have won and given some joy to the fans; this is the way forward and we will not deviate from it. We cannot afford to think beyond the next game. We are improving gradually and of course this match gives us a confidence boost. We put in a great effort that has been rewarded. Congratulations to the players and the fans. We needed their support and they provided it. Games here have to be very difficult for the opposition."