Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Febrero, 23 2017

VCF executive director Anil Murthy: “The effort from the team deserves more correct refereeing"

Following the victory against Real Madrid, the Valencia CF executive director praises the of the fans and highlights its importance for the rest of the season.

Valencia CF executive director Anil Murthy, spoke to official club website following the win against Real Madrid. He wished to highlight "the importance of the total support from the fans in such a difficult season," and asked for this to continue for the remainder of the campaign.

"They filled Mestalla at a difficult time for the club, and supported us non-stop to enable us to overcome the side currently the best team in the world," said Murthy, adding that "we request unanimous support for the rest of the games that we play at home from all our fans."

Murthy also sent out a reminder, despite the victory against Real Madrid, of Valencia CF's stance on the need to improve refereeing decisions.

"The effort from the team deserves more correct refereeing," he stated, in the aftermath of several incorrect decisions. The refereeing association in Spain had acknowledged the necessity in recent weeks.

"This is not the first time that this has happened in games this season. Yesterday the mistakes did not decide the result, but they could easily have been decisive. This is such a close competition, that it is a challenge to earn any victory to improve our place in the standings -and these mistakes represent a handicap. Everybody saw them, and the team's effort deserves more correct decisions. The referees, with everybody's help, have to continue improving so as not to make serious errors. We have expressed this when mistakes have affected results, and in order to be consistent we send a reminder of this -with the same firmness- following our victory."