Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Febrero, 28 2017

Voro: "this is the path to follow"


“Overall, the team played well and we ended the game with a clean sheet. We had the better chances and more of the ball in the first half. The objective we had was to change the dynamic -especially at home. We've gone three consecutive games with wins at home. The team are more stable and have more confidence; this is the path to follow. We are happy because today, above all up top, we didn't have many alternatives. It wasn't a great game but it's the way forward, as we are picking up points and gaining confidence. That's how the team are going to grow further. We are competing well, and this brings rewards. The team aren't going to get carried away.

"Regarding the appointment of Alesanco as Sporting Director, it gives continuity to someone who knows the team very well. I have no doubt that he will offer us his experience as someone linked to football."