Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Marzo, 04 2017

Voro: "We're going to the Calderón with the desire to compete"

Valencia CF coach Voro spoke about his side's chances in their LaLiga Matchday 26 game against Atletico Madrid in a Saturday press conference. Speaking to the media, he explained that although he expects a tough game, he believes VCF can take away a positive result.

"I think Atletico Madrid are a side who always compete well throughout the entire game, in every phase. They know how to adapt to different situations and are always competitive," he acknowledged.

"We know how difficult it is to play them. However, with the excitement we have, and the good form we are in, and having seen that we are capable of beating any side, we have to believe in ourselves. The difficulty is clear, but we know that with hard work and doing things right we can definitely take away something positive."
Voro also said that his side would draw strength from their recent form, which has seen them victorious in three of their last four games.

"Two months ago we were in a tough situation, but now things are better. The team are confident and have won a few games. We're in good form, but Atletico Madrid are tough opponents. We're going to continue working in the same way, looking to compete well -knowing what we're going to be facing. We're focusing on ourselves and what we can do. We're in good form."