Valencia CF vs Eibar

Abr, 29 / 18:30 Jornada 35

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Marzo, 11 2017

Voro: "We controlled the second half and deserved more."


"I think the first half was even and we didn't play well, but we improved in the second half and had the better chances. The Sporting goal came from an isolated move, but we were looking for the win. We put in a lot of effort in the second half but lacked finishing, so we only got the draw. We controlled the second half and deserved much more.

"Today we gave a good showing in the second half. We had to battle an adverse scoreline, we had chances and in the end we did enough for the draw.

"We haven't achieved our objectives, and there are eleven games remaining. We have to analyze the whole season, what has happened before and the situation we are in. We all expected more, but the reality is what it is. We are in a better situation but we have to continue. The hard thing to do is to get a side who haven't been in good shape to suddenly start winning every game. We have had good games and very bad games, but the team are trying to win every match. However, games aren't just won by attitude -there are many more factors.

"We are trying to make the team better, to get out of the situation we were in, and competing in every game. We are going to compete with the greatest dignity possible.

"We aren't happy with the point today, because the team deserved more. We are going to try to keep salvaging the season, trying not to go down and to finish as high up as possible."