Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Marzo, 18 2017

Voro: "We aren’t going to the Camp Nou with fear"

Valencia CF coach Voro González spoke in a press conference ahead of Sunday’s game against FC Barcelona, and gave his opinions on the Matchday 28 clash. Whilst he acknowledged the talents of the opposition, he was positive about his chances of getting a positive result from the Camp Nou.

“We aren't going there with fear, because this is a game of football. Every game is different. We know what we are facing, but fear doesn't get you anywhere. We have to use our weapons at 100%, and we need to perform at a high percentage in every concept to compete with Barcelona,” he explained to journalists at the Ciudad Deportiva.

“FC Barcelona are always a dangerous side. Even more so at home, and with the title at stake. We'll be up against a great side who do a lot of things well and have some game-changing players. We know the difficulty of the game and are motivated to have a good game at a great ground. We know we have to do a lot of things well and be sharp in every aspect -mentally, individually and collectively. We are going to use our qualities to the fullest and try to minimise the things that Barça do well. “

With the end of the season closing in, there were several questions about Voro’s future. He repeated his stance, emphasising a focus only on the present.

“I haven't said anything to the players about whether I want to continue or not. I repeat that the club asked me to be coach, and I've stepped up without pushing for the position, just as I have done on other occasions,” he commented.

“Becoming coach wasn't something I looked for, nor that I pushed for. I try to do the best I can and improve the team. That's what we're concerned about. I'm contemplating every option for the future, but I'm not worried about it, because what happens training session by training session is what matters to me. My relationship with the club is perfect, and I've never spoken about the future. Anything else is just an interpretation.”