Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Marzo, 18 2017

Descendants of Gonzalo Medina remember VCF constitution 98 later

On March 18th, 1919 Gonzalo Medina, as Delegate President, presented the statutes of Valencia FC at the Registry of Entities. The register is currently kept in the Valencian Kingdom Archive. To commemorate 98 years since that historic day, VCFplay and the VCF Foundation gather three of Gonzalo Medina's direct descendants: His grandson Guillermo Medina, great-grandson Jacinto García and his great-great-grandson of the same name, Jacinto García. Nine years old, the younger Jacinto has the opportunity to relive a pivotal moment for not only his own family, but for that of Valencia CF. The trio are shown the documents signed by Gonzalo Medina a century ago, officially founding Valencia CF.