Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Marzo, 27 2017

Alemany: “To be part of Valencia CF is a personal and professional challenge, and I come here with a lot of motivation"

New Valencia CF Director General, Mateu Alemany, was officially presented in the press room at Mestalla on Monday evening. Having been confirmed as the latest edition to the club's board of directors earlier in the day, he spoke to the press for the first time in a brief press conference -accompanied by VCF Chairwoman, Layhoon Chan.

Speaking to journalists, Alemany said that "I am very happy to be here. In terms of my diagnosis of the club, like any professional I need to get familiar with things and try things out. In order to do that, you have to be inside the club."

"I've spent four hours here and I am not able to make a sufficient diagnosis of the situation yet. As a professional and like any football fan, I have seen things from the outside, I have followed Spanish football and I have concrete references from the conversations we have had in the last few months. I have an initial idea. However, it isn't enough to make a definitive diagnosis of the situation and find solutions immediately."

The former President of RCD Mallorca added that "I am not capable of evaluating previous situations. Neither am I very interested in what has happened up until now. What does interest me is what happens from hereon in, because this is a very important responsibility. I can't have the confidence of everyone before starting to work and developing things on a day-to-day basis, and the important thing is to look ahead. I am very motivated for things to change, such as the results of the first team -which determine whether the club functions well or not. However, for it to work, other things have to work as well."

"Coming to Valencia CF is an adventure, and I'm a bit of an adventurer. I had my life set up at Mallorca, and when I left that club for the second time I decided to dedicate my time to other things such as my businesses, my home and my family. They haven't gone badly for me. I can assure that coming here is a tricky situation, but it is a personal and professional challenge. I come here with a lot of motivation. I have a lot of confidence in myself and in my experience, as I've never done anything else but be part of a club. I have the trust of the board, beginning with the Chairwoman, and I would say that  the conversations I've had with Mr. Lim have been very in-depth."

VCF Chairwoman, Layhoon Chan, also spoke at the presentation, and expressed her pleasure at welcoming Alemany to the club.

"I am delighted to name Mateu Alemany as Director General of Valencia CF, with immediate effect," she said."

"We have a long term objective at the club, and we believe in building a strong professional institution, with a football team who compete at the highest level. For this reason we have taken another step in the restructuring of the club, and given the management responsibility in decision making."

"Mateu Alemany has been chosen because he knows Spanish football very well, and because he wanted to form part of our project. As Director General, he will supervise all of the departments at the club, will give information to the presidency and be the spokesperson for Valencia CF from here on in," she concluded.