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March, 29 2017

VCF Foundation exhibit historical Valencia CF artefacts at 6th Forum Algirós

The 6th Forum Algirós by the VCF Foundation was held on Wednesday at the Cubo Amarillo events room of the Universitat Politècnica de València, and featured four showcase pieces of Valencia CF history.

The 'Palmito de Aldaya banner', the picture of the first international of Valencia CF, Eduardo Cubells, dated in 1925, the Teresa Herrera trophy won by the team in 1952, and the Trofeo Carranza achieved in 1967 were all present at the event. The restoration of the painting and the banner were carried out by the Institute of Heritage Restoration at the UPV.

The restoration and exhibition of the four pieces are the fruits of restoration work carried out by Valencia CF, through the Heritage and Museum Department of the VCF Foundation. They also undertake other actions, such as the Forum Algirós itself and travelling exhibitions about the 98 years of Valencia CF history.

Participating in the sixth edition of the Forum Algirós were:  Iñaki Mendoza, museum director and historian at Real Sociedad; Manuel Tomás, of the Documentation Centre at FC Barcelona; and Loles Ruiz, head of the VCF Foundation's Department of Heritage and Museums. The moderator was Salvador Muñoz from the Valencian university, where he is a Graphic and Documental Restorer at the Heritage Restoration Institute.

Also attending on behalf of Valencia CF were board member and ambassador for Valencia CF, Juan Cruz Sol, Ricardo  Arias former president of the club, Jaume Ortí
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