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Apr, 18 / 21:00 Matchday 12

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April, 03 2017

"Treat yourself to being supportive"

Trolli, an official sponsor of Valencia CF, together with Farmamundi, were at Mestalla on Thursday to present their ‘Ositos Solidarios’ (‘Charity Bears’) campaign to raise awareness about inequality in access to health. Ezequiel Garay attended the event.

Valencia CF official sponsor Trolli and non-governmental organisation for development Farmamundi were at the Mestalla VIP Box on Thursday for the presentation of their ‘Ositos Solidarios’ pharmacy campaign.

The project aims to raise awareness about the mission of Farmamundi and the problem of inequality in access to health under the motto "Treat yourself to being supportive."

The event was attended by representatives of the Trolli company, as well as Farmamundi, representatives of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Distributors (FEDIFAR) and the General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists (CONGRAL). Representing Valencia CF were board member Juan Cruz Sol, first team player Ezequiel Garay -who sponsored the event- and Marketing Director Damià Vidagany.

Farmamundi presents 'Ositos solidarios' campaign for pharmacies in all of Spain

There is inequality in access to health in the world, and an example of this is that almost 2 billion people (a third of the world's population), do not have regular access to essential medicines. To denounce this situation and be able to put a stop to it, Farmamundi have launched an awareness raising and fundraising campaign to help them continue to work independently to improve the health of those who need it most, and to increase public knowledge of these problems.

Farmamundi, in alliance with the sweet company Trolli Ibérica SA, have put together a solidarity marketing campaign that consists of the sale, through pharmacies, of packets of sweets with a message of solidarity. Each packet will cost 1 euro. The pharmacies will be able to request as many boxes as they want (display cases of 15 packets each) through their usual pharmaceutical distribution companies.

The gummy bears are suitable for Celiacs sufferers and made under the strictest quality controls, in order to be able to integrate better in the environment where they will be sold: Pharmacies. The proceeds from the sale of the sweets will go directly to helping people who do not have access to the basic health services they need due to lack of money, infrastructure or rights, among other reasons.

Improving access to health

The net benefits of Farmamundi's solidarity campaign will go towards the social mission of the charity: Improving the health of those who need it most. The initiative seeks to raise funds to maintain the commitment to the communities with which Farmamundi have been working for 25 years, and to have the resources to react quickly and autonomously to possible humanitarian emergencies, as was the recent case of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti or the difficult situation facing the Syrian refugee population.

The aim is to enable the public, through its contribution and with the support of the pharmaceutical sector, to enable the charity to facilitate access to medicines, health care and the provision of drinking water and food, among other humanitarian actions.

Strategic allies

The campaign, launched on March 30th in all pharmacies in Spain, has the collaboration of pharmaceutical distribution companies, which will be the driving force behind the project. In addition, the official pharmacy associations, the guides, support the initiative through the General Council of Official Pharmacists Associations.

The success of this campaign lies mainly in the fact that the #farmaciassolidarias, the final link of this solidarity chain, prescribe "Ositos Solidarios" from their pharmacies and that citizens, aware of the problems of access to health, buy them at their trusted pharmacies.

Measures to guarantee the right to health

One third of the world's population lacks access to basic medicines, which is one of the most serious problems for global public health. For 25 years, Farmamundi have been dedicated to the defence of access to health, are aware that this right is being violated. With the purchase of ‘Ositos Solidarios,’ you join our struggle and help us to continue working independently to improve the health of those who need it most.