Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Abril, 20 2017

“This is the most special derby because we’re at home, at Mestalla.”

The Valencia CF Femenino player, Ivana Andrés, who appeared at the joint press conference with Levante UD Femenino to preview next Sunday’s derby at Mestalla, has also been interviewed for the club’s Official Radio Station, VCF Radio.

The captain told VCF Radio that she was “ready for the game; a bit nervous but looking forward to it.” Andrés made the point that “it’s the most special derby because we’re at home, at Mestalla, where I’ve always dreamt of playing. We’re also coming into the game at a moment of the season where we’ve found a good level of consistency in our performances and we’re going to give it our all to come away with the win against Levante.

Ivana also spoke of how Sunday represents a chance for her to make a dream come true. “When I was little I used to go to games at Mestalla with my parents and I’d always ask my father, Dad, how can I play here? On Sunday, at last, I’m going to be able to make that particular dream come true.”

The defender also underlined the fact that she doesn’t want the game at Mestalla to be a one-off event. “Women’s football is on the up, and it would be a great sign if we were playing at important stadiums like this on a regular basis.”