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Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
April, 20 2017

VCF Academy Parents School begins its journey

Psychologist gives talks accompanied by the Academy director and 8-a-side football coordinator.

The VCF Academy Parents School, which is part of the VCF Academy Educational Project, started out this Wednesday featuring two educational actions aimed at families of  players from the under 8’s, under 10’s and under 12’s and a meeting was held at the Paterna Training Ground Media Centre which saw a big turn-out.

The psychologist José Carrascosa, who is in charge of the Individual and Group Development Department, gave a talk on “How to effectively support the sporting and personal development of your football playing child”. The talk was also attended by Academy Director Luis Vicente Mateo and Sporting-Educational Stage Coordinators: Iván Soriano, 8-a-side Academy coordinator, Ximo Trives, 8-a-side Coach and Dario Aliaga, 8-a-side School coordinator. Sergio Ventosa, the VCF Academy General Manager, was also present.

José Carrascosa, for his part, was “pleasantly surprised by the large attendance, and above all, the attitude of listening and participating. You could see the parents were getting involved and congratulating Valencia CF on the initiative. The aim of our project is to make them see that they are very necessary in the sporting education of their sons and daughters, and that the Academy needs them to collaborate from home. We need to give similar messages. We explained to them that the driving force behind the education process is excitement, so putting kids under a lot of pressure and giving them excessive responsibilities can become a problem. We also spoke about the fact that talent isn’t everything and it needs to be accompanied by work, effort, respect and excitement, a lot of excitement.”

This Friday will see the second Valencia CF Academy Parents School educational action take place, and next week there will be a talk with the coaches.