Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Abril, 25 2017

Voro:"We want to keep the home run going"

VCF head coach “Voro” in pre-match press conference ahead of the game against Real Sociedad on Matchday 34 from 8:30pm at Mestalla.

“We know the type of game we going to have tomorrow against the rivals who are playing well besides, they are well placed in the table, and we know is going difficult. Playing at home gives us enough motivation to try and keep the home run going and most importantly, make up for the bad result and the game we had at Malaga CF.

So I think those reasons are enough to give our all to try and beat Real Sociedad at home tomorrow; knowing that they are going to make it difficult for us on the pitch.

We are professionals and we have to face the game with the highest ambition and knowing that they are tough rivals; but we have beaten them before and we can do it again. That is our motivation and we are going to focus on that in the game“.