Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Abril, 29 2017

Voro :"VCF always try to compete, it doesn’t matter who the opposition are.”

Voro González

Coach Voro González, spoke at the press conference after Valencia CF’s match against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeú.

“I don’t agree that Orellana had a weak game, he had a lot of touches of the ball, he was always making himself available for the defence to play out towards him from the back, in terms of when he was on the ball I think he did good things...I think he had a good game, I think the team had a good game. Since he arrived in January he’s given us a lot of things that we needed, we needed somebody with his characteristics and we’re happy with that.

I think that the team always tries to compete, to be at their best, but there are situations that change things, like for example conceding the other day after 30 seconds, that changes the game.
Here we’ve got another example of that. We had the first chance in the first minute and we didn’t take it. If Madrid take one of their chances they make it 2-0 in the second half, we push forward to get back in the game, then they make it 3-0 with a quick break…suddenly it seems like we’ve not competed and you have a negative result. In football the key is things coming off for you and you can’t always see the result and say that the team haven’t competed or tried. We always want to compete but the opposition also play their part. We try to do the best possible.

The team competed well, but sometimes there are circumstances like Ronaldo scoring from the first cross into our box, and you have a chance and you don’t take it. The players always want to play well and sometimes it goes your way and other times it doesn’t. We were missing that final ball in two or three moves in the first half. I agree that we needed to take better decisions in those moments.
In the first half we had two or three breaks where we were just missing the final ball, which was our main option because we were sitting back, but we lacked that bit of accuracy. In Valencia we scored the two goals from quick counter-attacks, but today we were missing the final ball on those counters. In the second half we had some chances to do damage.

The players say it wasn’t a penalty, that there was very little contact. Diego Alves has that ability to sense where a penalty’s going and save a lot of them, it’s a skill he has.
Carlos Soler and Lato making their debuts for the team this season is a positive thing. It’s true that it has been a bad and difficult season, but we have to use it to improve. They’re two players who have arrived in the first team and are giving us a lot. Carlos Soler is taking responsibility in big games and he still has a long way to go. And Lato too; he’s played less, he’s 19 years old, but we’re seeing things in him which tell us that he has a good future in the team. That’s been a positive.”