Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Abril, 29 2017

"We competed and we went out to get the win. That’s the right attitude."

Dani Parejo

It was a great game, we worked hard; we know how hard it is to pick up points here. We managed to draw level at the end but we wound up losing. They pushed us, they had a lot at stake, but I think we had more chances in the first half, much better chances. If you don’t take your chances at grounds like this you end up losing.
We’re in a part of the table where we’re not playing for anything, they’re playing for the league and in the end that makes a difference. But the team, despite not having anything to play for, went out to win, from the very first minute. We fought, competed, worked hard and Valencia always have to play like that. I had a chance in the first half that might have gone in if Cristiano hadn’t got a touch on it. I’m happy about the goal but not about the result.”