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Mar, 24 / 18:00 Matchday

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
May, 04 2017

Hope and excitement rule at the Encuentro Escoles Cor Blanquinegre DI

Garay wanted to join the participants for the team photos

On the morning of Wednesday, 3rd of May, at the Valencia CF Training Ground, the Valencia CF Foundation organised the Encuentro Escoles Cor Blanquinegre (White and Black Heart Schools Gathering) for people with learning disabilities. The event brought together 435 participants, divided into 8-a-side football teams, from 21 different special educational needs schools, occupational therapy centres and mental health centres in the province of Valencia.

The boys and girls were full of hope and excitement and were clearly looking forward to enjoying a special morning; they didn’t want to miss their chance to play at the Valencianista training facilities. The cherry on top was the visit of Valencia CF player Ezequiel Garay, who wanted to share a special moment with everybody and get in on the action for the team photos.

This gathering is part of the many actions led by the Valencia CF Foundation to benefit people with learning disabilities, such as the Campus de verano DI. Under the umbrella of Cor Blanquinegre, the Foundation is running the Escoles Cor Blanquinegre DI so that, hand in hand with Valencia CF, they can make it possible for people with learning disabilities to play football. It is a great source of motivation for personal development and social interaction.