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May, 04 2017

José Luis Gayà and Jaume Doménech, new Asociación Futbolistas Valencia CF directors

As well as the two first team players, Giner, Camarasa, Boix, Payà, Curro Torres, Baraja, Juan Sánchez, Guillot, Subirats, Sempere, Luis Pascual, Pablo Rodríguez, Bossio and Luis Alcalá will be on the board of directors.

The Board proposed an update to the statutes which was unanimously approved by the Assembly.

This Thursday Fernando Giner presented José Luis Gayà and Jaume Doménech as new members of Asociación Futbolistas Valencia CF Board of Directors for the next four years. As well as the already known Paco Camarasa (vice-president), Toni Payá (secretary) and Arturo Boix (treasurer), they will be joined as members of the Board by Curro Torres, Baraja, Juan Sánchez, Guillot, Subirats, Sempere, Luis Pascual, Pablo Rodríguez, Bossio and Luis Alcalá.

On the 30th of March, the Asociación Futbolistas Valencia CF unanimously re-elected Fernando Giner as president. That day, the president announced that two Valencia CF first team players would join him. The decision has its origins in a commitment by the Board to modernise the Asociación and make all those who have been a part of Valencia CF aware of the fact that the future is almost as important as the present.

Both Gayà and Jaume were present at the Assembly held at the Asociación headquarters on Thursday evening, and showed their satisfaction about joining an initiative like this “because we are the Valencia CF Footballers Association; it’s not the Ex-Players Association, neither is it the Veterans Association”, explained Giner, who added that having them is very important so that “they can help us to transmit what we do with the money donated by the players and so that we can let them know about our concerns”.

After the event was concluded, both footballers restated their commitment to the cause and said that they “hadn’t thought twice about it”. “It’s a pleasure for us, this means that we have a link between the players who have worn this shirt and us”, explained Jaume Doménech, to which Gayà added that “this link was necessary for us to be able to help each other. It’s a nice thing and a source of pride to be able to help the players who most need it because one day we could be in that situation”.

“Being Valencian is key because they want to strengthen the identity of the home grown players and transmit what it means to be a Valencia CF player”, concluded Jaume Doménech. The new Asociación de Futbolistas Valencia CF Board took advantage of the extraordinary assembly to propose the modification and modernisation of the organisation’s statutes.

Committed for the next four years

The new directors will start to collaborate straight away on the commitments made by the Board which are the creation of a member’s ID card and a legends shirt number which will include all players to have appeared for the team. The new Board will also organise an annual Legends match against opposition teams from around the world; the first of which will be played next November. It will be a charity match against a team which is still to be confirmed.

Furthermore, the Asociación Futbolistas Valencia CF will create an official book “The Mestalla Centenarians”, in which all players to have appeared for the Club will be included; and it will also create a Valencianista Museum with donations from all those fans who wish to participate.

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