Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Mayo, 07 2017

“What’s important now is to finish the season well”

Coach Voro González, spoke at the press conference after Valencia CF’s match against CA Osasuna at Mestalla.

“We told the players we had to compete, try to win the game, and play well for our home fans, it’s a matter of prestige, professionalism, that’s all we could say to them. The players know we have to finish the season as well as possible.

I think we played well, we finished our chances and ended up having a lot of possession in the second half, and we won the game, which was the most important thing; it was a game where we had more to lose than win, because of the situation we’re in, so it was important to win.

Jaume played very well in goal, he made a couple of great saves, especially the one in the first half.

This year has been a year that we need to look at, see the mistakes we’ve made, and make sure they don’t happen again.”