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May, 21 2017

VCF Academy players and European u17's champions Ferrán Torres and Hugo Guillamón

Both players talked to www.valenciacf.com after becoming champions

The Valencianistas  Ferran Torres and Hugo Gillarmón  were crowned  Eurpoean u17’s champions after beating England on penalties. Before making their way back home both VCF Academy footballers told on'valenciacf.com' they were living a dream and it was their happiest moment in their football careers.

Ferrán Torres: “I still can’t believe it, I’m on cloud nine”

Ferrán torres who has been a regular for Spain u 17’s coach :” “I still can’t believe it, I’m not aware of what we have achieved because I’m on cloud nine. Besides, it’s been a hard-earned title because we gave our all from the qualifying stage. final stage, the same happened, we have been through tough times  but we reacted to claim the Eurocup trophy”.

For  the youngster who has been at  the VCF Academy  for 11 years” representing VCF for the national squad and winning the tournament is amazing. If someone told me two months ago all the good things I was going to live, I would have said that can’t be true. It’s been a great year  for me, I’ve made my debut with the B team, I feel wanted at the Club and  now I’m winning the Eurocuptrophy I couldn’t ask for more. I’ll keep on working as I’ve been doing to improve day by day”

“We had to come back twice from behind, believing in our possibilities, being able to withstand all the time-wasting.  But Spain are a mentally strong side and kept on and on at itand when I saw Nacho scoring I went delirious because we were deserving it. Later on, the penalty shootout can go either way but we had just scored the equalizer 2-2 and they were distraught the 85thminute equaliser hurt them a lot”.

Hugo Gillamón Valencian and Valencinaista winning the Eurocup I couldn’t ask for more

Ferran’s teammate has been at the VCF Academy for 12 years. I’m still thrilled by what we’ve been through during the tournament, the quarterfinals, and the final. I still can’t believe it. I hasn’t come easy for us we were resilient in the opening game against Turkey coming behind from a 2-0. I’m proud of my teammates,everyone who’s taken part in claiming the trophy, we are a  great family “

The central defender has featured in every game in the tournament” To be honest Santi has put his trust in me and I’m grateful for it. I try to work hard to give the best level of performance".

Gillarmón talked us through the equaliser : I was behind him and as soon as I saw the ball I thought  the keeper is going save it but when it went in I was jumping for joy and I ran up to my teammates to  hug them. It happened almost in the last seconds of the game. I knew that after the  2-2 draw the trophy was coming to Spain because the English were distraught the equaliser was a hard blow for them".