Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Mayo, 21 2017

Voro González, infinite love for Valencia CF

If you talk about Voro González you’re talking about a whole life dedicated to Valencia CF. First as a player, then as B team coach, then as delegate, and now as first team head coach. This afternoon, in front of his fans, he bid farewell to his fifth stint on the blanquinegro bench, with a big feeling inside that he’d done his job.

He’s felt his passion for Valencia CF since he was a little boy. He went to Mestalla whenever he could and he still remembers with a lot of fondness the day that his mother sewed the Valencia CF badge onto a t-shirt for him. At that time, he played for his home town club, L’Alcúdia, until a Mestalla scout, Juan Ramón, took him to the blanquinegro Juvenil team. From that moment on he continued to progress through the ranks, getting to the B team and then being loaned out to Tenerife so that he could do his obligatory military service. His great season there meant that when he came back he was promoted to the first team, where he stayed for eight seasons, from 1985/86 until 1992/93. In the first two years he went through the great sadness of relegation to Segunda, and the joy of promotion to Primera División.

After hanging his boots up, with more than 350 appearances for Valencia CF in competitive games and friendlies, Voro returned “home” in 2002 to coach the B team, and in 2005 he began working as first team delegate. On five different occasions he’s had to come to the rescue of the team after runs of bad results which led to coaches leaving the Club.

Voro has been able to translate all his qualities as a player to his role as a coach. That’s why he’s so loved at Valencia CF, because he has that feeling of responsibility towards the Club when it has most needed him in recent years. Whenever he’s needed, he’s there.

Voro González Marco (9th of October, 1963) said goodbye to the Mestalla bench this afternoon, on Sunday, 21st of May, 2017, after his fifth stint in charge; the first time was in 2008. He took on the difficult challenge near the end of December of coaching a team which was down on moral due to the bad run of results. He didn’t hide when he was called upon, and five months later he has led Valencia CF well away from the danger zone.

The Valencia CF fans know who Voro is, and Voro know who Valencia CF are and everything surrounding the Club. That’s why he’s able to make difficult things look easy, that’s what the coach who’s bidding farewell to the blanquinegro bench is like. Farewell. Thanks Voro.