Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Mayo, 26 2017

Bernat :”VCF Mestalla deserve to go a long way in the promotion play-offs”

Juan Bernat is another great VCF Academy product. He arrived at the Academy at the age of 7 and he steadily broke through the ranks all the way up to the VCF Mestalla. He had so much potential that in 2011-2012 campaign he did the pre-season with the first team. He made  his official debut  with the first  team on Matchday  2  against Racing Santander on August 27th 2011  he replaced Canales right after the restart and VCF got the win by 4-3.

Now, he is on his summer break after winning his third consecutive Bundesliga for Bayern Munich. He told that his spell in the B team was very positive for him.

After doing  the pre-season with first team and making my debut on matchday 2 I came back to play for VCF Mestalla it’s another stage I had to go through after breaking straight into the first team from Juvenil A. I have fond memories of that stage, thus it was very important for me. We secured safety and I grew as a player. Bernat is very positive about Curro Torres ‘side’s run.

“What they’ve done,fifteen years later, reflects how difficult making it to the promotion play-offs is. They had a great season and they deserve to go a long way, they only need to round it off by by getting promotion to Segunda A.

I know how vital these games are. A footballer grows as he plays big game and this is only a step for all of them. As a football lover and VCF Mestalla’s I’ll try to come down. Now is time to get behind the team to give the players that boost they need. I hope the fans push the team during certain spells of the game. These kind of games are very motivating for the player who's looking forward to having a good game. We like seeing the fans rallying us around and the fact that is going to be played at Mestalla makes it even more special”.

After the 2-3 away result at Celta B in Vigo, Bernat, points out that despite holding a positive result from the first leg, in football anything can happen they mustn’t get overconfident because  Celta B have had a great season too.They will try to score an early goal to get them nervous but they have to stay very focused on the game and  I hope they go through on to the next round  because they deserve to keep on fighting for promotion”.